Sheila Joynes' 50th Birthday Party

This page contains links to some MP3 files recorded on 26th November 2005 at Sheila's 50th Birthday Party.  Many friends and Sheila herself contributed musical performances to make it an evening to remember!  Click the pictures or CD icons to listen.

Click to listen'Chelle performs "My Baby Don't Care For Me


Click to listenNick and 'Chelle perform "Something Stupid"


Click to listenNick sings "Mr Bo Jangles"


Click to Listen Nick persuades Sheila to join him on-stage and then sings to her "Have you met Ms Joynes?"





Click to listenNick sings "Ain't that a Kick in the head"


Click to listenMalcolm Jeffrey (Malcy) performs "Bantam Cock" (with apologies for missing the start of this recording).


Click to listenMalcolm Jeffrey (Malcy) performs "The Lodger"


Click to listenMalcolm Jeffrey (Malcy) performs "Lah Di Dah"


Click to listenMalcolm Jeffrey (Malcy) performs "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"


Click to listenAs a final Sheila performs two songs.  The first (to Stephen) is a Victoria Wood song, "I Will Think of You".


Click to ListenAnd finally, just before her Birthday toast (corks can be heard popping during this) Sheila performs the Victoria Wood number all about WeightWatchers entitled "Don't get Cocky Babe"!